Voiceover & subtitling

When you use our voiceover and subtitling service, you never have to worry about including a foreign language subject in your documentary, entertainment project, marketing video, corporate video or audio project. Using subtitling means that you can accurately convey what your subject is saying while using their own voice. This means the viewer will be able to interpret the subjects’ emotion through their use of voice, so regardless of what language they use, we will be able to capture the full depth of what they are trying to say and how they are trying to say it.

Creating a voiceover means using voice acting that captures the subjects dialogue and gives an accurate interpretation of it. With our service you will be able to dub over different languages with clear, accurate and pitch perfect voiceovers and ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Using a voiceover and subtitling service means you can expand into different regions with your video or audio project, giving your project additional reach across the globe.